Tuesday, March 23, 2010


SPRING ARRIVED LAST WEEKEND with beautiful weather, a little unseasonably warm, but much appreciated. The nearby resort town Old Orchard Beach, saw visitors in summer like numbers. The beach was almost crowded with blankets, bodies stretched to get the most exposure possible, kids running in and out of the little low-tide waves. A perfect introduction to spring. BUT WAIT - like most good things, it came to an end with cooler cloudy skies and cold Atlantic breezes on Monday, and today, Tuesday, it is raining and the temperature is much more typically March in Maine. But at least, it's not "pushing snow!"

I must at this point refer back to the last blog in which I wrote about turkey antics. I was driving home from my son's business location in Yarmouth yesterday. Three or four turkeys were just crossing the road, and of course, I had to stop to make sure there were no more to come because traditionally there is one which does not stay with the group and then runs like hell to catch up. I glanced into the woods where the group had gone and saw something I had never ever even heard of let alone seen: A WILD WHITE TURKEY. A truck behind me was not being patient, so I drove on. I had my cell phone and should have gotten a picture, but I didn't. End of turkey tales for now. I know some people think they are ugly. I like them. They are totally indifferent to traffic and cross where and when they get the urge. Watch out for them. They make an awful mess when struck. And we need them to control the ticks.

Now back to music (No, not Turkey in the Straw!) SPRING
Many songs have been written about spring: Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year, It Might As Well Be Spring, Spring Fever, Spring is Here, and Spring Can Hang You Up The Most. And then there are the songs which allude to Spring like April in Paris and April Love. March used to be associated with windy weather which brings to mind Let's Go Fly A Kite from Mary Poppins. And how about Tiptoe Through The Tulips? If you are looking for a piece of music to celebrate the season, I hope the above list will help.

One of my favorite songs written about the season is the hymn PALMS. As this Sunday is Palm Sunday in the Christian faith, it is appropriate to mention that lovely composition. It is arranged in E-Z Play for piano, keyboard and organ; and it is available in many degrees of difficulty. If you have not played that piece, I urge you to.

Well, it's a "rainy, rainy day, so what ever you have to do, I hope it's something that can be be done by two ....." but if it's something that only you can do, do it with enthusiasm and enjoy the experience.

Keep a song in your heart and keep the music playing.


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