Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

I awoke this morning, Easter Sunday, and looked from my bedroom window to see the absolutely most spectacular sky I have ever seen. It was a bright peach color, with no clouds. The still bare trees stood like sentinels against it. I watched for several minutes, and then went to wash and when I returned the beauty had dissipated. The sky was gray and the trees had become the dull, leafless objects they always are at this time of year. But I did get to see that truly beautiful sky for the brief time it lasted.
The gray sky was chased away by the sun as it climbed into the sky, and the day was lovely. The temperature got to the very high 70's.

I spent the early afternoon with my "extended family" on my son's wife's side. A large and happy family, kids from seven to twenty one, and their friends. Easter Egg hunt; darling little ceramic baskets for place markers; wonderful ham dinner with all the trimmings, and a choice pies for dessert. I am blessed.

After those happy hours, I did go to the Maine Veterans' Home where, in the assisted living wing, I played the Lowrey Premiere organ for an hour and a half before they had their evening meal. I took E-Z Play books with music from the '30s and '40's and a couple of other books with familiar songs. I am trying to get a sense of what they really enjoy but they only say, "whatever you play is nice." There are many new faces and some haven't yet figured out who I am. Many of the residents are a little skeptical of anyone who just comes to do something that's fun. I hope they get comfortable enough to sing a long and make requests.

State Fair has a song - "It Might As Well Be Spring" which can be adapted to several rhythms. The Premiere has a limited number of choices. I played it through on Swing and then changed to Fox Trot for the second time through. It worked as long as I kept the Big Band sound on. There is no way to lock in the tempo on that organ so you take your chances that it will stay even. I was lucky! Set around 84 it fit nicely.
Other really nice songs from State Fair are: It's a Grand Night For Singing; That's For Me; B oys and Girls Like You and Me; Isn't It Kind of Fun; All I Owe Ioway. Rogers and Hammerstein wrote the music and lyrics for State Fair. It has been on Broadway and made into movies at least twice. Maybe it's time some of these happy, romantic stories in song and dance made a reappearance in the new 3-D format. It would certainly be more entertaining than the violent and fantastic productions that are currently available.

Every other Saturday, with a few exceptions like this past week, my music friends gather here at Stoney Creek for socializing and music. If you happen to have a Saturday morning around 10:00 free, it's "drop in" and playing is not a requisite. Hope to see you here.

Keep a song in your heart, and keep the music playing.

Jan Major

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