Saturday, April 17, 2010


I seem to have rambling thoughts today. Some areas nearby - but not here in Scarborough - got a little snow; anywhere from 1 - 5 inches I am told. My father used to call these "robin storms". He said after these spring storms the robins would arrive and usually they did. My parents were married on April 19, 1925. They were snowbound in Boston by a true blizzard. My half-siblings who attended the wedding also had to stay over. Autos being what they were in 1925 probably made the trip home unimaginable. Perhaps today the "blizzard" would have been less daunting.

When my daughter made her First Communion at St. Pius X Church in Portland there was a small snow storm, more like today's event, and the little girls in their white tulle dresses and lacy veils were standing outside the church (along with little boys in their black pants, white shirts and black ties) waiting for the music to cue them to march in. I ran to the car and got my daughter a sweater. One of the nuns came over with a stern, "She cannot wear that." It was wheat colored, lovingly hand knit by ME. Trying to look just as determined as Sister Sternface, I said, "Well. she WILL wear it until she gets inside." By the time the service was over, the snow had stopped leaving behind a light dusting. That was Mother's Day probably 1956 or 57.

Today seven organ friends came for our regular social/music/munch time, not necessarily in that order. It was a lovely way to pass the day from around ten a.m. to mid afternoon. We had great morning snacks with our coffee including fruit and home made coffee cake, and for lunch we had pizza from the corner Amato's, and salad.

We all played a couple of pieces of music. We looked over Dennis' latest contribution via the internet AND his information on the late summer event he is hosting in Orlando. Since Lowrey cannot seem to get their act together for an HOH this year due to change of management, it is great Dennis is stepping up. The cost of the event with an extra day of scheduled activities arranged by Dennis is just under $800 and of course, you have to add in your travel expenses. From Portland I think air fare, booked now, would run around $250 (allowing for a carry-on charge). It is OH SO TEMPTING. I am SO SPOILED!

We discussed at some length, once again, whether or not we would continue with the Thursday "lessons" at Starbird Music. One of the things we decided, and about the only thing there was a consensus on, is that we hate going through this every ten weeks. For some time we have not felt we were getting what we need for instructions on our current organs, but then, we don't all want the same things. Most would like "button pushing" to learn to change sounds, assign sounds to different parts of the organ. Most would like the technique instructions which we are getting briefly each week from our "mentor" John. Some want more information about making recordings using the USB stick. Maybe we are expecting too much for our money. Right now most don't think they are getting enough "bang for the buck." This has been going on for the last two years and what keeps most people coming is not what we are getting out of it, but our friendship and our music. Both friendship and music can be found in our homes but most homes cannot accommodate the 20 or so regulars. SO, once again, we are facing decisions about "moving on" or not.

I went to a friend's 89th birthday party last week. This dear lady, who was once a professional classical pianist, took up organ in her 70's about the time I did. She adapted to the organ really well and always amazed us with her ability to play far more complicated music than the rest of us. Ginny moved in with her daughter and son-in-law a few years ago. They hosted her birthday party. I don't know how many people came to wish her well. I think about twenty of her music friends were there. And then there people she and her husband knew;children of their friends; old neighbors; young neighbors. No one mentioned it, but it might be a farewell of sorts as she looks very frail. BUT -
we should all be so keen minded at 89. And she does not brood or lament. She laughed about happier times and made wry witty comments about current affairs. What might have been a rather melancholy event was filled with happy remembrance. While not always being happy in her present situation, she has moved on.

I had a phone call this week from a friend who used to be a part of our organ classes and social circle. She has recently moved from a large senior living situation where all meals are provided and there are many activities to participate in, to a condo where she will do her own cooking and cleaning, and have to look for activities that fit her new life style. Her husband, who is a paraplegic, has many medical and therapy appointments so much of her time is taken up. She has a nice organ. I hope she will continue to play, and perhaps find time to join us now and then. She said she did like the food, the services and activities at her former home, but that "we do what we have to and life goes on." She is still assisting her mother-in-law who is 96.

I also had a phone conversation with a former Lowrey mentor this week. Joel was a positive influence in our program, and we would welcome him back if it were possible. But like my friend in the last paragraph, he has moved on and so must we. He is in a much better situation and sounds happy; he is learning new things and working with people of all ages, both in his music and in his new work in health care. He told me I have something like 90 million neurons in my brain, and I am probably only using 10 million of them. SO THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG! Now how do I get to those other 80 million little neurons to go to work? Anyway, rambling on, Joel has moved on and he sounds very happy and energized.

The only fitting music for this rambling is "Side By Side".

"Through all kinds of weather, what if the sky should fall?
As long as we're together, it doesn't matter at all.
Don't know what's coming tomorrow,
Maybe it's trouble and sorrow,
But we'll travel along, singing a song,

Keep a song in your heart and keep the music going.

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