Friday, May 7, 2010

He's Got The WHole World in His Hands

Yes, He has the whole world in His hands - and I was never more sure than I am at this time. Yesterday I was driving on a very familiar street in Portland on my way home from having lunch with my organ friends. As I drove along I saw, on the right side of the street, on the sidewalk, a young man with three children, one on a bicycle at the edge of the road.
When I see children on the side of the road I usually slow down because kids are naturally unpredictable. So I was going fairly slow. From the left side a child about three years, if I judge correctly, erupted into the street right in front of me, headed for the children on the left. I stomped on the brakes and thank GOD my car came to a rocking stop. The mother stood in absolute horror unable to move, but the young man left his family, dashed into the road, snatched the little curly headed girl up, and carried her to - presumably - her mother. I have never come so close to being involved in a true tragedy. GOD WAS SURELY IN THE CAR WITH ME and HE WAS SURELY WITH THAT PRECIOUS CHILD. I would send a harness to the mother if I knew who she is.

HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS IS A SPIRITUAL. I was unable to find the composer/lyricist but did learn that in 1958 an English singer Laurie London sang it and it went all the way to #1 in the "Most Played by Jockeys" list,and #3 in the R&B charts. It was also successfully performed by a British male. Mahalia Jackson's version made the Billboard top100 singles chart. To date it is the only gospel song to hit #1 on a US pop singles chart. Marian Anderson, Odetta, Perry Como, The Sandpipers and several other groups have recorded it. The Sisters of Mercy performed it at the Reading Festival.

The tune has been used with substitute lyrics for football teams and the movie Tootsie.
It is published in Hal Leonard books, both EZ-PLay and Fake. It's a great song to play at senior gatherings. The tune is simple and the words are easy to remember. It will be one of my favorite songs from now on!

I guess I should mention I get most of my information from the internet,and Wikipedia is a fountain that never dries up. I also go to various music sites and get quite caught up in reading what pops up.

Dennis Awe is arranging an Organ Extravaganza in Orlando in late August. I hate airports, and am not eager to fly with all the nonsense that seems to be going on. But my friend in Michigan says "when your number is up, it's up" and he and his wife are going with out hesitation. He, John, told me that there is a good organ event in Pennsylvania every year, and next year they will go to that one. I am considering the Orlando event. I do love Dennis' productions. He will have several other performers and the "day after" event looks very enticing.

Tomorrow is the day my organ friends gather here to enjoy music, conversation and good food. Good food, if I get up and make a lasagna, that is. Well, everyone brings goodies and fruit and nuts. Last time we ordered pizza in from a near-by shop. Whatever we have, and however many come, it will be a good time. Wish you were here.

Until next week ~

Keep a song in your heart and keep the music playing.


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