Monday, May 17, 2010


The colorful musical "OKLAHOMA!" was Rodgers and Hammerstien's first collaboration. I have said, in past blogs, a lot about the duo, which went on to write a total of nine Broadway musicals. Oklahoma is considered to be the most important in the development of American musical theater. The plot which revolved around who would take a local beauty to a box social - the handsome, respected Curly or the sinister Jud. In Oklahoma they mixed story, song and dance and gave insight into the main characters' hidden fears and desires. The show opened in March of 1943 and ran for 2,212 performances with Joan Roberts as Laurey, Alfred Drake as Curly and Howard DaSilva as Jud. The 1955 film version featured Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones.

MISS OKLAHOMA won the Miss USA Contest yesterday.

This is a beautiful day in Scarborough Maine. The marshes viewed from Route 1 are getting very green; the winter browns and golds have made a mat for the new growth so it is all very colorful. This morning several small long legged birds were wading around in the pools, occasionally dipping their graceful necks to pluck some tasty morsel from the shallow depth. I love those marshes, they are constantly changing and always so colorful. We may not have a "bright golden haze on the meadow" but we do have a our beautiful marshes and sometimes they do indeed, have a haze over them. And sometimes, because they are filled with little twisting creeks, they are almost entirely under water. ++++ I am old enough to remember when those marshes were filled with "teds" as farmers hayed those marshes. A fast growing very tall reed was introduced to the marshes some years back to provide food for the geese, I have been told. Now that reed has taken over a large section, and I saw this year a small harvester was parked there in early spring. Apparently that reed has been "mowed" an there is new bright green low growth in it's place. More color in the beautiful Scarborough Marsh area.

Good or bad, things never stay the same. The music program in Portland is once again undergoing a transition. I am not attending classes for the present but I am in touch with them, and when things are settled and I know where I belong, I will most certainly return. The organ hobby serves those of us who regularly participate in so many ways. Friendship, activity, quiet moments alone; it brings me up when I am down, and relaxes me when I am fretful. No matter when or where I play, I enjoy myself. Yesterday, after a nice lunch with my daughter at the Bull & Claw in Wells, I spent two hours at the Maine Veterans' Home playing a variety of oldies, country, polkas and marches for a very appreciative audience. When I sat down there was one man. In a little while there were several people including a woman who was in the Navy. A resident and his visiting wife came for a while. Some drifted in and left but when I left there were four people still listening. The caring staff was setting tables and making coffee. I asked if the food is good and got a resounding "yes!" from the men waiting at their places to be served. If you have the opportunity to play for a Veterans' Center or Home, please do so. They are a great audience.

"All the sounds of the earth are like music -

Sometimes you have to stop and listen for them, but the sounds of earth are all around us. They are there for your listening pleasure without an iPod or CD player.

Keep a song in your heart and keep the music playing.


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