Saturday, June 26, 2010


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I had no inspiration at all this week. And then it happened.
I went to put my dog out in the evening and the yard was full of what we always called
"lightening bugs". I had actually seen one earlier in the week. I went to put the dog out late at night. There was a bug on the screen and not wanting to let it into the house, I flicked my finger against the screen. The bug fell off and landed on it's back. AND IT FLASHED ME! Tonight I went out again, with the dog, and was admiring the moon which is somewhere near full. I saw the dog nervously looking around and realized the yard was flickering with "lightening bugs." Now, the only song I have ever heard that might apply is "Glow Worm" - but are lightening bugs glow worms? Yes, indeed they are the same. Only the female glows. Isn't Wikipedia wonderful? If you want to know more about those luminous creatures just Google them. If you're as old as I am, you will remember catching them in a mayonnaise jar. They smell awful if you touch them with your fingers. Anyway, speaking of remembering, if you want a nice video about the way things used to be go to "www.closeyoureyes.wmv" . You will get some other videos, but if you scroll down a bit you will find the one I mean. It begins with an ad for "Duck Hunt" but stay there a few seconds and some reminders will come up along with some nice music.

Back to "GLOW WORM" ~ the song we know is an adaptation of the 1908 song from the German operetta "Lysistrata", and the Broadway musical "The Girl Behind the Counter". The original words were by Lilla Carley Robinson and the modern words were by Johnny Mercer. The music adaptation is by Paul Lincke.
Several performers have used it including the Mills Brothers and Spike Jones. The Hal Leonard Publishing Co. has it in EZ-Play Bks. #32, 33,138, 183, 231, 264. Dennis Awe has also put it in some of his collections. It's a fun piece to play, and now when you play it you will know it is not a "he-bug" lighting up for his love, but a little "she-bug" just happily flitting about.

I got a fake book of Gospel songs this week. I only recognized a few of the songs, which tells you something about my religious background. We sang "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know" and "Tell Me The Stories of Jesus" and Christmas Carols. I like the Gospels. They have a lot of rhythm and a lot of joy in them for the most part. I am looking forward to playing them both at home at when I "play out." There is one piece called "Would He, Could He, Did He" which has a wonderful beat. That's my musical goal for this week. Stay tuned! If I ever get the capability of putting sound in my blog, I might just make that my first piece. Meanwhile -

Keep a song in your heart and keep the music playing.


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