Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Til the Clouds Roll By

Have you ever thought about how many different clouds there are? Not the way the eager weather man speaks of "cumulus" and "cirrus", but in the way you look up and see them. They are quite amazing. WHen you look down from a plane, or the top of Mount Washington (the only mountain I have been on top of) they look like solid masses strong enough to walk on.
But from below .....

Today as I drove to Yarmouth to let Nick have a romp, the sky was ominously dark and shortly after leaving the house, I drove into blinding rain. As I drove along, pondering whether to keep going or turn back, I drove out of the rain, and shortly back into another downpour. I might say at this point, Nick knows when we get past Tukey's Bridge we are going to his favorite spot and he settles down quite nicely until we get over the the Yarmouth Boat Yard, which he knows somehow is near our destination. He could probably go there by himself, if dogs were allowed to drive.

ANyway, it was raining a little as we arrived, but Nick was eager to get out. Neither of us will melt - or shrink - so a little rain is o.k., and the clouds passed over and it became quite nice. Except for the drippings off the tall pines which seemed to be more soaking than the actual rain.

Driving home I noticed the variety of clouds was amazing. Some were almost black and so dense they seemed to be in danger of falling - not as rain, but in one awesome blanket which would have covered most of South Portland. But then there were gray clouds, less dense, less threatening. And then there were great fluffy white ones, rimmed in gold from the sun as it headed for the other side of the country. Those white clouds had shapes and forms such as children see when lying in the grass on a summer day. The darker ones were not changing shape and not moving, but as I passed beneath one it blessed me with another drenching.

We went a long time this summer without significant rain, so I will be grateful for the showers that befall " 'Til The CLouds Roll By."

There are a number of songs about clouds. "The Little White Cloud That Cried. " "Cloudy" "Face in the Clouds" "Cloud Nine" "Get Off My Cloud" and a song about clouds called "Sullen Sky" which is about how clouds behave. You will find "The Little White Cloud That Cried" and " 'Til the Clouds Roll By" in Lowrey E-Z Play books, but probably have to hunt for the other on the internet or ask you dealer to get an "instant print out" from a music source. Dealers can now get almost any song in print by going on-line. The nice part of that process is that they can get many different styles - E-Z Play to Pro and you can choose according to your level of ability.

" 'Til the Clouds Roll By" spend time with your music. Play a cloud song - or a rain song. Keep a song in your heart and keep the music playing.


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